What it’s like to get your aura read

Have you ever seen your aura? Your aura is described as a luminous body of energy that surrounds your physical one.

It’s ‘read’ by placing your hand on an electromagnetic plate that measures the frequency in your body. Receptors measure the sitter’s electromagnetic field by monitoring acupressure points that correspond to energy channels in the body called Ayurvedic meridians. The attached data box converts that energy into frequencies that correspond to certain colours represented by the chakras. 

I was very intrigued to see what would come up for me after being drawn to portraits with multi-colour rays displayed on portrait photographs. So I booked an appointment at She’s Lost Control – a space that provides sustainable, diverse and transformational modern wellness products and experiences.


I was told the colour that came up on my left (right side of the image) represented the energy that’s coming in and the way I am perceiving life and the world.

The colours on the right (left hand side of the image) represented the energy I am manifesting, the way I’m being perceived by the outside world and others.

When I had my first reading (above), my colour was predominantly orange, representing the sacral chakra, colour of creativity, divine feminine and expression of self.

She also said green was coming up on my left side (as you can see), the feminine side, relating to the heart chakra. This could be that I’m trying to connect more with my authenticity, finding space to hold, not just for others but also myself. How can I tune into my hearts desires more and connect internally?

She then said generally when people are tuned into the present moment, the light above their heads are big and mine was large so I was very tapped into where I was at that moment. The light above me was yellow, from the solar plexus, same colour as the sun, and just like the sun, we need that colour and that chakra to grow. The shadow side of it can be being in your head too much – too analytical, self critical, when not being able to take action.

How do I move through being stuck in my head? I asked. She told me getting back to being primal and operating from our root chakra can really help us let go, get into a physical space and stop taking things so seriously. Dancing around while cooking to a good playlist is a great way to infuse the food we eat with positive vibes! 


This time yellow came up on my right-hand side – all about how the outside world perceives me and how I’m viewed externally – a sunny persona.

Orange and red was shown on my left-hand side, coming from the sacral and red chakra – creative but also practical side. Embodying who I want to be, what I’m working on and manifesting who I want to become. Also rooting into making money, how to make my business/goals work. Tapping into my creativity and connecting with a renewed version of myself.

I was curious to see if my colours would be different (the photos were taken over a year apart) and it just shows the colours really do represent the energy you are in and emanating at that particular time.

An overview of what the colours mean

RED: Representing the root chakra, grounding and the foundation that shapes our need for security and safety. When out of balance, it can express itself in anger, destructiveness and fear.

ORANGE: The colour of the sacral chakra, representing our expression, emotions, sexuality and creativity. This energy helps to bring thoughts and feelings outward. When connected, it brings about feelings of joy and connection to the outside world, but when out of balance, it becomes self-indulgent and lethargic.

YELLOW: Solar plexus chakra, bringing about personal will, power and intellect. Helping bring clarity of judgement, confidence to our decision making and faith in ourselves. When balanced, we find purpose, self discipline and direction; when off-kilter, we may be prone to procrastination and carelessness.

GREEN: Connected to the heart chakra, how e love ourselves and others, bringing about compassion and empathy. It is in the heart we integrate insights and thoughts, feelings of forgiveness and acceptance. When the heart energy is out of balance, we experience difficulties in relating to urselves and others and can manifest in envy, being withdrawn or shutting down completely.

BLUE: The throat chakra, colour of communication – both verbal and non-verbal. Enabling our ability to express our truths and speak out as well as connecting to our intuition and imagination. When off, we may find ourselves afraid to speak out, express ourselves or speak too much, disabling the ability to listen.

INDIGO: Third eye, representing intuition, vision, connection to wisdom and insight. Above the perception of the five senses. When out of balance, we can find ourselves indulging in fantasies and illusions and unable to look beyond details to see the bigger picture.

VIOLET: Crown chakra – higher consciousness, connecting with what is greater than ourselves and the material world. Elevating above 3D and conditioned limitations, transcending and feeling bliss. The opposite is living too much in our head, ungrounded, sometimes forming unhealthy attachments to spiritual matters.


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