I believe we truly need to surrender and trust what the universe has in store for us. Of course this is easier said than done! But time and time again, getting out of my own way has led me to living my best life.

//ABOUT me

If life has taught me anything so far, it's to go with the flow 


These experiences not only fed my soul but inspired me to step into my creative calling.

after studying journalism back home in Calgary, Canada and not finding a job in my field. If I hadn’t followed my intuition, I wouldn’t have created the opportunity to travel all around Europe and beyond, start a career in communications, experience all of the events, restaurants and culture this incredible city has to offer along with making life-long connections.

In 2014 I studied graphic design. Once I graduated, I had planned to make a huge career shift but found out I was pregnant. Although I wanted to have children, I thought it was the absolute worst timing as I felt so ready to take that leap in my working life. 

Having a baby forced me to slow down and evaluate my current situation. Did I really need to give all of myself to a 9-5 to make a living? Was this the only way to establish myself as a designer? Was I expected to go back to work full time just to pay for child care and never see my child?

But of course, the universe works in divine ways. 

In 2007, I took the leap to move to London...


Taking a pause from my full time role allowed me to step into freelancing, hone my skills + only take on the projects that lit me. The. F*ck. Up.

Now that I'm in alignment, let me help you get crystal clear on creating a brand from a place of intention.